11 July 2021

Carla Cimolai wins the Snaitech Grand Prix Grand Prix at the Milano Jumping Cup

Carla Cimolai will be the first name to go down in the Roll of Honour for winners of the Prix Snaitech Grand Prix at the Milano Jumping Cup. The 30-year-old rider from the Friuli Region won the most important class held at the international horse show hosted by the Snai San Siro Racecourse and named after Graziano Mancinelli, “I am delighted – she said – I had not expected to win such an important class although here in Milan my horse Berlino Z, which I have owned since he was a 7-year-old, has been on top form.”  

An entrepreneur in everyday life, Carla Cimolai shares her passion for horses with her whole family and in particular with her sister. She recently returned to Italy after spending one year riding at the stables owned by the Irish champion rider Denis Lynch.

The winner of the Grand Prix Snaitech - Graziano Mancinelli Cup received her prize from the great champion’s son, Marco Mancinelli who was very moved, “Next year will be the 30th anniversary of my father’s death and it is extremely moving for me to see him being remembered at such a prestigious event. I am proud of the way his own city, Milan, decided to remember the man and his career.”

There were 37 horse and rider combinations competing in this difficult class over two rounds with the jumps measuring 1.50 m. Ten combinations qualified for the second round, among them Argentina’s Matias Larocca riding BM Gran Fantasia who had the only clear round, followed by Carla Cimolai with 1 time fault, Andrea Venturini on Abou Sim Bel and Omar Bonomelli riding Chippendel de La Tour. Carla Cimolai was the only rider who managed to jump a second clear round and win the Grand Prix (1/0; 54.68). Filippo Moyersoen on Sundance also rode a clear second round (4/0; 47.52), as did Marco Pellegrino riding Venture (4/0; 48.13) and Paolo Paini on Konstop (4/0; 50.20) finishing respectively second, third and fourth. Andrea Venturini on Abou Sim Bel finished fifth (1/4; 52.84).

CSI3* - Class no. 15 Grand Prix Snaitech Coppa Graziano Mancinelli (two rounds – 1.50m)
1 - Carla Cimolai ITA / Berlino Z (1/0; 54.68)
2 - Filippo Moyersoen ITA / Sundance (4/0; 47.52)
3 - Marco Pellegrino ITA / Venture (4/0; 48.13)
4 - Paolo Paini ITA / Konstop (4/0; 50.20)
5 - Andrea Venturini ITA / Abou Sim Bel (1/4; 52.84)


The winners of the other classes

Before the Snaitech Grand Prix - Graziano Mancinelli Cup, the last day of the show at the Snai San Siro Racecourse proved to be reserved to foreign lady riders. In Class no. 12 Fastweb- Dynamo Camp (against the clock – 1.30m) Switzerland’s Clarissa Crotta on Vincent 168 was the winner while first place in Class no. 13 Kep Italia (accumulator – 1.35m) went to Germany’s Jörne Sprehe. Riding Solero 79 as the 38-year-old from Bavaria managed to at last take first place after being in the top five in six other classes in the show.

After winning yesterday’s Small Grand Prix, Antonio Maria Garofalo won Class no. 14 Trofeo Lombardia (two phases – 1.40m). Born in Naples but now living in Viterbo, the Italian rider won riding Presley degli Assi beating Bruno Chimirri on Califfa Mild and Ivan Argiolu riding Osati van het Leliehof.

At the start of the day Giulio Carpignani riding Athinia won Class no. 11 Special Olympics Italia (one jump off – 1.20m class in the CSI1*), his second win at the Milano Jumping Cup.



CSI1* - Class no. 11 Special Olympics Italia (one jump off - 1.20m)
1 - Giulio Carpigiani ITA / Athinia (0/0; 36.38)
2 - Alessia Zufrinali ITA / Nitrit  (0/0; 38.29)
3 - Sofia Marcandalli ITA / Quick Way (0/0; 40.28)

CSI3* - Class no. 12 Fastweb- Dynamo Camp (against the clock – 1.30m)
1 - Clarissa Crotta SUI / Vincent 168 (0; 60.55)
2 - Sveva Schiatti ITA / Havinga's Amando (0; 63.14)
3 - Matteo Orlandi ITA / C'Est La Vie (0; 65.43)

CSI3* - Class no. 13 Kep Italia (accumulator – 1.35m)
1 - Jörne Sprehe GER / Solero 79 (65 points; 50.48)
2 - Giulio Carpigiani ITA / Bucaramanga (65 points; 51.32)
3 - Jessy Putallaz SUI / Ouma de Burlatex (65 points; 52.33)

CSI3* - Class no. 14 Trofeo Lombardia (two phases – 1.40m)
1 - Antonio Maria Garofalo ITA / Presley degli Assi (0; 30.69)
2 - Bruno Chimirri ITA / Califfa Mild (0; 31.06)
3 - Ivan Argiolu ITA / Osati van het Leliehof (0; 32.31)


In the photograph Carla Cimolai and Berlino Z - photo Bonaga Communication

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