It's a whole world. This is a world in which the Milan Jumping Cup does not aspire to be just another Great Show Jumping Event but home to a new sporting philosophy that, already in the very first event, has put the horse back at the centre regardless of the discipline, be it horse racing or any other equestrian event, as summarised in the hashtag #1horse1world. A hashtag that this year got longer and has become #1horse1world4you to celebrate the return of the public to the stands of the Milan Jumping Cup. This is a welcome return, and the organising committee has decided that entry will be free of charge.

We must never stop believing that, after bringing horse riding and horseback riding back to the Teatro del Cavallo in the MJC even if the event is still not part of the rankings, in the future we will host an extraordinary show of speed and power in one unique, great event. Maybe with a type of 'combined event' as currently happens in skiing? Or in an equestrian version of the pentathlon – bringing together the most exciting races in the man-horse combination.

It is no coincidence that winter and summer Olympic disciplines are mentioned, because the dream of those who love speed-based horse racing events is to return to the splendours of Ancient Greece, when chariot and horse races were the highlight of the Olympic Games. A dream, of course. A flight of fantasy that, who knows, in a few decades could become reality in a world that moves very quickly and that is committed to promoting inclusion, socialisation, sustainability along with a fresh approach that rewards the spectacle side of sports events.

Moreover, the Milan Jumping Cup distils the passion of many into a single event that is in perfect harmony with the dynamism, power, and fast pace that have always been the characteristics of the people of Milan and that has made Milan the capital of innovation, and not only in the technological sphere. On this weekend at the end of June, this enthusiasm will take shape in a fantastic sporting festival in a unique venue, the San Siro Racecourse. For over a century this racecourse has been a venue for art, culture, fashion, music and, of course, sport, for the entertainment of the city's inhabitants and tourists alike. The Great Equestrian Sport.

A commitment aimed at involving the city of Milan and its citizens, but also all those who care about the world of horses and of high-level riding.