27 June 2022

The organisers’ satisfaction with the Frecciarossa MJC

The organisation of this event created a great deal of satisfaction that was clearly expressed in the comments made by the OC confirming unanimously and in extremely positive terms how the 2022 edition had achieved its objective.

Snaitech’s CEO and 'father' of the MJC, Fabio Schiavolin, enjoyed the results of two years of hard work: “I am particularly proud of the manner in which the Milanese reacted and of having at last succeeded in presenting at the highest level the different disciplines in which two athletes star, human beings and horses, as happened last Saturday, when, in addition to the MJC, we also enjoyed flat racing in the evening. This has been a wonderful party achieved thanks to the strength of the team set up with RCS Sport, Fise and Sport e Salute.”
Paolo Bellino, managing director of RCS Sport & Events, underlined the feeling in the organising team: "We believed in Snaitech's enthusiasm and the right atmosphere was immediately created to organise an event to which the public responded enthusiastically. The Frecciarossa Milano Jumping Cup can represent an important first step and, with Sport & Health and Fise, we have created a team and a model that can be repeated for other events."

Diego Nepi Molineris, managing director of Sport e Salute, which together with Snaitech, RCS Sport and Fise are the team that organised the MJC, drew conclusions also in view of the city of Milan, lingering on the feeling between spectators and equestrian sports during these three days at San Siro: “The great attendance of spectators at the MJC once again confirmed the city of Milan’s great desire for sport, a clear and unmistakeable signal for Sport e Salute in spreading basic sports that can  but be achieved through important events as in the case of tennis’ NextGen.” 

Secretary General of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation Simone Perillo, added, “This was a great success. We are delighted with the partnership established between the federation and Snaitech, RCS Sport and Sport e Salute in view of the European Show Jumping Champions that are a qualifying event for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and will be held at the splendid San Siro Racecourse early in September 2023. Great team work will allow us to be ready at a technical sports level to host the best European riders who, led by Martin Fuchs and Steve Guerdat came to compete in this wonderful place for the first time this year.”


Photo La Presse

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