24 June 2022

Martin Fuchs: Frecciarossa Milano Jumping Cup is a fast-growing show

As one of the most popular top riders Martin Fuchs did not let down his many fans.

On this opening day the 29-year-old Swiss rider immediately won a class riding The Sinner, the horse he brought to Milan together with Viper Z and Divan het Cauterhof Z.

As always friendly and available, Fuchs was happy to answer a few questions.

“I am delighted to be competing here in Milan for the first time. I do, however, know the city well as I have visited it every time I have ridden in shows in Lombardy, I really like Milam and of course I admire the Cathedral in particular.” 

When asked about his first impressions of the Frecciarossa MJC and the location, the legendary San Siro Racecourse, he answered “This is a very new show, this year at its second edition, with significant margins and prospects for improvements. This year’s event will be important for focusing on all organisational aspects that can contribute to an excellent outcome for next year’s 2023 European Championships.”

After a year and a half you are back at the top of the Fei ranking.
“ I don’t have any special feelings since I have already been number one in the past, but of course I am very happy about it. Let’s say that perhaps being the leader of the ranking matters more to those following us from outside the arena. Number 1 or number 10 doesn’t really make me feel any different...More than anything else I am interested in being a top rider and having a chance to compete at the highest possible level. I also like being considered an important testimonial for this sport, which is my job but above all my greatest passion.”  

Here in Milan the first class is a CSI1* and was won by a very young German boy, Konstantin Haag, who is only 12 years old.
“It is important to have young people who start riding early and also devote themselves to this sport in a competitive manner. I see that this is also happening in Italy, with great commitment on the part of your Federation: here too I have seen many young people start to compete with riders of very different ages and experience, and this is a guarantee for the future of show.”

A significant future also depends on the wellbeing of horse and you, for example, have played an important role in Clooney’s total recovery, a horse that had taken you to the highest levels in show jumping (gold at the 2019 European Championships, silver at the 2918 World Championships) but had suffered a serious injury after the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.
“We riders can be very good indeed, but important results are only achieved of we respect our show jumping companions. Therefore, the care and attention they deserve at all times cannot be disregarded.”

In Milan you are competing with three horses, right?
“The Sinner of course is my chance in Sunday’s Grand Prix and today I proved that.  Viper and Diva are both 8-year-olds but are promising and the MJC will be useful in their growth.”



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24 June 2022

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